What shall we read?

a libraryI have two suggestions at the moment.  They both have teenage girls as the main character but are set in completely different places:

ImageI am not Esther by Fleur Beale

Imagine that your mother tells you she’s going away. She is going to leave you with relatives you’ve never heard of – and they are members of a strict religious cult. Your name is changed, and you are forced to follow the severe set of social standards set by the cult. There is no television, no radio, no newspaper. No mirrors. You must wear long, modest clothes. You don’t know where your mother is, and you are beginning to question your own identity. I am not Esther is a gripping psychological thriller written by popular children’s writer Fleur Beale. In Esther she creates an enthralling and utterly compelling portrait of a teenager going through her worst nightmare.

ImageThrowaway Daughter by Ting-xing Ye

Throwaway Daughter tells the dramatic and moving story of Grace Dong-mei Parker, a typical Canadian teenager until the day she witnesses the Tiananmen massacre on television. Horrified, she sets out to explore her Chinese ancestry, only to discover that she was one of the thousands of infant girls abandoned in China since the introduction of the one-child policy, strictly enforced by the Communist government. But Grace was one of the lucky ones, adopted as a baby by a loving Canadian couple.

With the encouragement of her adoptive parents, she studies Chinese and travels back to China in search of her birth mother. She manages to locate the village where she was born, but at first no one is willing to help her. However, Grace never gives up and, finally, she is reunited with her birth mother, discovering through this emotional bond the truth of what happened to her almost twenty years before.

Please comment below to vote on which you would prefer to read this term.  Next term we will vote on your suggestions.


What do you like reading?

Dr Zeus' quote - the more you read the nmore that you will know, the more you learn the more places you'll goHi girls!

I have a couple of ideas of books we could read this term and you will be able to vote on which you prefer.  I would also welcome your suggestions of books to read for later in the year.  We have to think of something that most of us will find interesting.  It is probably impossible to find something that EVERYONE will like.  And the book needs to have some good themes that we will be able to discuss.  So get your thinking caps on.

However, first up, I would like to you to write a comment below to let me know what sort of books you like.  What have you read over the summer holidays?  Where do you like to read?  How much do you like reading?