What do you like reading?

Dr Zeus' quote - the more you read the nmore that you will know, the more you learn the more places you'll goHi girls!

I have a couple of ideas of books we could read this term and you will be able to vote on which you prefer.  I would also welcome your suggestions of books to read for later in the year.  We have to think of something that most of us will find interesting.  It is probably impossible to find something that EVERYONE will like.  And the book needs to have some good themes that we will be able to discuss.  So get your thinking caps on.

However, first up, I would like to you to write a comment below to let me know what sort of books you like.  What have you read over the summer holidays?  Where do you like to read?  How much do you like reading?

28 thoughts on “What do you like reading?”

  1. Rosie – I like books with good plot lines that keep it interesting. Fiction rather than Non-fiction. Over the holidays, I read the Moorehawke triology, re-read Harry Potter and tried out the Wintercraft series. I like to read at home and don’t like being read to. I read loads of books all the time.

  2. Stephanie Given-
    i like reading mysteries and some fantasy. i read famous five over the holidays. I love reading outside sitting in the sun.

      1. 🌸 I have read magazines and reading the book theif 🌸

        🌸 on a scale from 1~10 is about 5. I’m not much of a reader 🌸

  3. I like exciting books, I like reading magazines . I have read ‘pennies for Hitler’. I like reading out in the sun. I like reading if I’m reading something exciting.

  4. I like reading exciting and intense books I like reading magazines , I’ve only read magazines these holidays , I like to read outside in the sun , I’m not a very big reader.

  5. I like sad stories and fiction books. I also am reading books online. I love reading in the sun, outside! I would rate reading 7/10.

    Victoria Clapcott

  6. I like fiction, romance and fantassy. Over the holidays i read, Name of the wind, Wise mans fear, ransomewood, 10 pm question, magazines, newspapers and chiken soup for preeteen souls 2. I LOVE reading(heaps). I like reading anywhere, anytime, somewhere quiet .

  7. Matiria Moleni-
    I like reading books about mystery and etc. I have recently read in the holidays Mortal Instruments. I like reading in a quiet area where i can concentrate. I find reading alright if the plot is interesting.

  8. yes I do enjoy reading, though these holidays I haven’t read much though I would like to read more. I like reading in a comfortable and quiet place.

  9. Priya- I enjoy reading captivating fiction stories. I enjoy mystery stories, action, but also enjoy drama stories. In the holidays I read the first book from the hunger games series.

  10. I sort of like reading
    I like reading non fiction books
    Over the holidays I read Missing Toby
    I like reading in bed

  11. I have read lots of dystopian fiction this holidays. I prefer to read fiction books but I still enjoy some non fiction. I like reading in the sun in a hammock. I would rate reading 8/10 🙂

    Sophie O’Meeghan

  12. I like fiction. I read online but sometimes books. I only read magazines in the holidays!! I like reading in the sun.

  13. Isabella: mystery fantasy adventure
    My room, in a quiet place
    Fallen series and teardrop.

    Emma: I like reading mystery adventure and drama books
    I like to read in a quite place or somewhere comfortable
    In the holidays I read studying diabities with owls , vengeance series, and chocolate cake for breakfast

    Fiona: I like reading mystery fantasy romance
    I like to read in my bedroom
    In the holidays I read the Entire harry potter series going bovine hunger games and the twilight series

    Jaime: I like reading historical fiction and adventure and romance
    I like to read in my bedroom and anywhere where nobody is
    In the holidays I read hunger games , Nancy Drew and wattpad stories wrote by my peers !

  14. Tiana Thompson-
    the only books i have enjoyed reading are the hunger games and Des Hunt books.
    i like reading in silence.

  15. i like fiction
    i’ve only read books on wattpad over the holidays
    i like to read in my room mostly or outside
    i only like it enough to read when i have nothing else to do so maybe 5 or 6 out of 10

  16. I personally like fiction more than fact. There needs to be a strong story and plot to keep me interested completely throughout the whole book. I started to read I Am Malala during the holidays but I am still yet to finish. I like to read in quiet places like my room at my house or outside sometimes. I like to be read to mostly fiction though for some reason.

  17. I read in quiet spaces.
    I read the Hunger Games over the holidays.
    I like fiction books and some non fiction.
    I like reading when I have a good book.

  18. Janneke Kuper
    I enjoy reading murder mystery, action filled books and sad storys.
    I the holidays I read the Tomorrow Series and the first book from the Cherub series.
    I like to read in a quiet, cosy place.
    I like ready about 9/10 or 8/10

  19. Great to read all your comments girls. It seems you all like to read at least a little bit. I love reading but I get so wrapped in books that I can’t put them down so I daren’t read in term time or I would never get any work done! I read lots over the summer and usually read on my kindle but love “real” books too. It’s just that they are too heavy to travel with.

  20. I really like books that aren’t slow and boring. I like fast and funny and easy to catch on to.

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