Questions, questions, questions

quotation from I am not Esther, a book by Fleur Beale with a bird feeding on flax in the backgroundSo we have finished reading “I am not Esther” and you have come up with some really insightful questions. The discussions you had in class today in your groups were interesting to listen to and some of you had some deep discussions about the themes. Here are some of the questions. Please can you choose two of the questions and answer them using the comments below.  I would also like you to comment on other people’s answers – ask them questions about what they mean for clarification or ask them to delve a little deeper into the themes.

Chapter 1: Why did Kirby’s Mum lie to her?

Chapter 2: Will Esther ever settle into the new religion?

Chapter 3: Why didn’t Kirby’s Mum write to her?

Chapter 4: Why won’t anyone talk about Miriam?

Chapter 5: Why do the Children of Faith say you have to marry at 16?

Chapter 6: Why did Uncle Caleb not want Aunt Naomi to have any medical care when she was having the baby?

Chapter 7: Why did Uncle Caleb not let the kids visit the baby or Aunt Naomi?

Chapter 8: Do you think Daniel will marry Damaris? Why? Why not?

Chapter 9: Why didn’t her mum tell her that she was not going to Africa?

Chapter 10: Will Esther and her Mum actually live happily ever after?