Static Images – I am Not Esther

You should all have received your grades and feedback for your Static Images by now.  You did a great job and I was really impressed with the ideas that you came up with and the way that you presented them.  I have picked out a few to display here.   Please add a comment to say what you think about the images you see here.


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Hugo – Your Review

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We have now watched “Hugo” all the way through and you have started to work through the activities to explore the film. Please add a short review below.  Use the Review Preparation document to help you that has been shared in our Google Classroom.   Here is a brief checklist of things to include;

  • A star rating
  • What type of film it is
  • What happens in the film?
  • Who are the main characters and what are they like?
  • Did you enjoy the film? Why/why not? What were its good and bad points?
  • Write about a scene you particularly enjoyed or remembered. Why was it good/memorable?
  • Would you recommend this film? Who would enjoy it most? Why?