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One of the activities for your Wider Reading challenges is to read a book that someone else has recommended to you and then briefly comment on it.  Please comment on this post to say;

  • What you have read
  • Who recommended it
  • Whether your enjoyed it
  • Why / Why not?

Why should we read something that somebody else recommends?  I know that I often get stuck in a rut of genres.  I love crime and thrillers and could read them endlessly.  Often I go for them in the library or the bookstore because I am comfortable with the names of the authors and the predictability of the story-lines.  They are easy reading.  I sometimes don’t have the energy or the time to browse through and read the blurbs of all the other books.  And books are so expensive, I am reluctant to buy a book written by an unknown author, of a different genre in case it turns out that I don’t like it and I have wasted my money!  However, having a book recommended by someone makes choices easier and makes me more willing to take a risk.  Sharing and borrowing books makes sense.  Maybe this week we could build our own library in the classroom of books that we have already read and don’t want cluttering up our space any more? Or, if you don’t want to give a precious book away,  you can lend a book to a friend knowing that they will return it once they have read it.

I challenge you this week to bring a book to school that you think someone else will enjoy, tell them about it and lend it to them.  I also challenge you to read outside your comfort zone …

30 thoughts on “Book recommendations”

  1. For my wide reading where you have to read a book that someone else posted I read the book Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher. I was scrolling through the comments about what everyone has read and I found a book recommendation that I think Emma suggested.

    The story focuses on Clay Jensen who returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he finds thirteen cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who committed suicide two weeks earlier.

    On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he’ll find out how he made the list.

    I really enjoyed the book because the plot was very mysterious and surprising. It made me want to keep on reading because I wanted to find out more as the story progressed and I couldn’t put the book down. It was nice to read a different genre instead of reading the same sort of books.

  2. I’m not sure where to post my recommendation so I am posting it here: The book I am recommending is the book ‘Richard Hammond On The edge’ this book is his auto biography the he wrote along with his wife about his life outlying his infamous crash and what his recovery for that was. I found it very gripping and intriguing because I didn’t realise how severe the crash was. What really hooked me was: how they wrote it you felt the pain you felt the hope you felt there stress I loved this every emotion was laid out onto the page and you could feel it to. so its a good book where you get sucked in to there world. Fiona Wallace

    1. This sounds like an interesting book, Fiona. I remember hearing about his accident on the news and being shocked. I don’t think people thought he would survive. Reading biographies is always fascinating – have you read any others?

  3. The book I am recommending is Divergent written by Veronica Roth. This book is about 5 different factions used to separate each others quality’s. The main characters are Tris and Four/ Tobias, they are both divergent and are key characters of finding what is beyond the boundary/fence. Divergent I would recommend to people who like a bit of action and romance. I found this book hooking and full of surprises and is way better than the movie. I would rate this book 5 out of 5.

    1. Hey Jess, thank you for recommending this book, I have just recently read it and I agree with you totally! Yes it definitely had me hooked the whole time and the book is way better than the movie. The characters were great and I really enjoyed reading it. The story line was different, unrealistic but believable and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

    2. I read this book and it was very hooking and definitely full of surprises! It has a different plot to most books and I enjoyed reading about love and a bit of romance.

      I got very attached to this book which made me not want to put it down! I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to 11+

    3. Hey Jess thanks for the book recommendation I really enjoyed reading the book Divergent i have also seen the movie but personally think the book is better. I agree with everything you said about the book and I defiantly recommend everyone to read it you won’t regret it , I was hooked from the start of the book. The main characters are Tris and four, they are both divergent and play a huge role in the book , they are both risk taking and have no fear. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10.

    4. I read the book Divergent recommended by Jess and I agree with Jess it is an amazing book and I loved the book. It hooks you from the beginning and you can never put it down. I agree with the rating of this book it is definitely one you can re-read and it never gets boring. 🙂

  4. I recommend the book Snowfall by K.M Peyton. I have recently read it and I really enjoyed it. It is about a girl named Charlotte who finally manages to escape from her vicarage with her brother and his friends to the alps where she experiences a new life. The main themes were Love and adventure and if you enjoy reading books about this I encourage you to read this book.

  5. Another book I would like to recommend is The Fault in our Stars by John Green. It is a book about a girl who has cancer who meets another boy who recently had cancer which then comes back. They become great friends and share new experiences together both positive and negative. This book is sad and romantic, and it has you hooked the whole time so if you enjoy reading books like this I encourage you to read it.

    1. I read this book and I was very impressed, it lived up to its expectations. I couldn’t put it down and I shred a few tears.

      I would definitely recommend this book to people aged 11+. I say this age because there is some bad language and some themes that an under 11 year old wouldn’t understand.

      In this book I got very attached to the characters. The author ‘John Green’ wrote so I felt although I was going on the adventure with them.

      The themes in this book was death, cancer, love. These themes were used very effectively.

      Overall I urge you to read this book!

      1. As one of the activities we must, select a book that someone else has posted about, read it, and then post a reply with your thoughts.

        My thoughts on this book were very similar to yours. I too feel as though I was taken on a journey/adventure with the characters in the book. The book did live up to its expectations and I shed a few tears too. This book was highly relatable for readers and had a strong story line that gave powerful messages.

        However I would disagree on your recommendation. I would recommend this book to 13+ as I believe that 11 year old’s would not fully understand the messages the story gives.

        Also the book does show the themes death, cancer and love but it also shows companionship, belief, hope and trust.

    2. Hey Katie, thanks for recommending this book, I absolutely love it. I agree it is very moving and sad. It hooked me in right from the start and made me see all the things others have to deal with. I encourage more people to read this amazing book:)

    3. I read this book and loved it, it had me hooked all the way though, but so sad if you want to cry this is a book to read. I really liked the movie too but the book is better so i recommend that you read the book first. I hope everyone who reads this book loves and i hope people do read this book because even if you are not the biggest reader this book will make you fall in love with book. please please read a really sad, romantic and even has some bits in it that will make you laugh. A BOOK TO READ.

    4. I read this book and I really enjoyed it kept me hooked right from the start and I didn’t want to put it down. I enjoyed the quotes in it and the bit of romance and how they never stopped doing things they loved the tried to live their life with lots fun even if the had cancer. I would recommend it to people aged 11+

      I also felt I was witnessing it and on the journey with them.

      John Greene really wrote this book well it was what I expected and I love every page of it.

  6. The Giver by Louis Lowery. It has recently been made into a movie but I am told the movie ins’t anywhere as good as the book and does not do the book justice. I read it and I absolutely loved it! They book is very different from anything else its set in a different world and it exceed my expectations, it’s about a boy who lives in a world where his fate to become the person who holds every memory of everything ever because the rest of the people he knows are like zombies their minds are blank. He runs away to save his little sister and leaves into the unknown world.

  7. I recommend the Twilight series. For you who don’t know; Twilight is about Vampires and Werewolves. A Vampire and a Werewolf fall in love with the same girl. Who will she choose? It has you crying, gripping the edge of your seat at what will happen. It was a fantastic series and I found it really hard to put the books down 🙂

    1. Yeah I read it, Emily. I liked the first two books but then got a bit bored by the third and I gave up on the fourth. It turned a bit into just romance and nothing else.

  8. The book I am posting about and recommending is called ‘Perfect mistake’ by Kate Brian. The genre is mystery and thriller and is perfect for young adults

    The story focuses on a girl called Ariana Osgood who has everything she’s ever wanted. A place at an elite boarding school, fabulous friends, a new crush, but most importantly, a new identity. Now that she’s officially stolen and become the identity of Briana Leigh Covington, Ariana’s troubled past is dead and buried, Or is it? When the one person who knows her secret arrives on campus, Ariana decides it’s time to say good-bye to her ex-best friend — forever.

    I enjoyed this book because it started and ended well. I didn’t want to put the book down because it got interesting in some parts, but I got a little bit scared because it is a thriller type of book. Again I do recommend this book for any of you because you won’t want to put the book down. This is because the book makes you wander what happens next.

  9. A book I am recommending is Just like fate written by Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young. This genre is a romance, family and decision making.

    This book is about a girl who has a decision to make which might change her whole future. She has to decide of she will stay with her grandma for the last part of her life or go to a life changing party.

    I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. It has a very pulling and captivating start and cliff hanging chapter endings. You won’t put the book down!!

  10. I have recently finished reading ‘I am Rebecca’ the sequel to ‘I am not Esther’ by Fleur Beale. If you were wondering how everyone would get on when they moved to Nelson, then read this book!

    In short words, ‘I am Rebecca’ is about how Rebecca and Rachel (the two twins) cope when the whole family moves to Nelson and joins up with others who believe in the same rules. Rebecca takes on a weekly job of working at the weekly stall that sells eggs. There, she talks to ‘unworldly’ people and finds it hard to do so. Until… Rebecca and Rachel are coming up 16, so they are having to be Betrothed to someone that they may not agree with.

    It all ended with an ending I wasn’t expecting, and Rebecca does something she has never done before. There is more information about what happened to Kirby and Daniel and Miriam if you were wondering what had become of them.

    Overall, it was a good book, and you should read it if you have already read ‘I am not Esther’.This is like the second book in the series, only about Rebecca’s life instead. The point of view from a person who believes in the rules!

  11. My book recommending the book Saprk – design by death.
    The book spark is about a girl called evie who’s mum has recently died and she is now living with her auntie. Evie starts to experience strange things that she knows should not be happening. She starts seeing peoples flashbacks, starts to have quicker reflexes than usual and running faster than normal and feels a special connection between her and her friend kitty.
    Evie discovers that her grandmother went through this process when she was pregnant with her twin daughters. Evie then carried through with the special DNA transfer which means that she has to protect evie till death. With kittys spark evie must protect her till kitty either dies from being murdered by the other part of the DNA other thing. Kitty also must figure out where she stands with kittys brother Jaime since 3 years ago when they kissed and havent seen eachother since. It is an exciting and seat gripping book. I recommend it for girls who enjoy mystery stories.

  12. The book I am recommending is ‘How I live now’ by Meg Rosoff.

    Wider reading activity:
    Post your thoughts about a book you have read using the class discussion page on your online forum. (e.g. Ultranet, edmodo, Goodreads, Google Doc)

    ‘How I live now’ is a war story, a survival story and a love story all in one. It is told in the witty perspective of a fifteen year old girl named Daisy who got sent to live in England with cousins she’d never met. When the war hits by an unnamed enemy Daisy and her cousins find themselves with no parental guidance. Daisy and her cousins find learning to survive the war is a lot harder than thought with the obstacles they are challenged with.

    I very much enjoyed this book and recommend it to 13+. Its a stunning, riveting and unforgettable book that crackles with anxiety and lust for life. I’m positive you will enjoy the intricacy which the book entails. I totally agree with Mark Haddon when he said I believe the book is “Magical and utterly faultless.”

  13. For wide reading I recommend City of bones by Cassandra Clare. It’s a very addictive book and follows the twists and turns of Clary who is a teenage girl how has her world turned upside down. I don’t want to ruin too much of the plot but i recommend this book highly I rate it 5/5 it is a fantasy but it’s done in a whimsical way that hooks you in and it is written in a different way. The main characters are Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabella, Valentine, Hodge and Alec.

    Wider reading activity:
    Post your thoughts about a book you have read using the class discussion page on your online forum. (e.g. Ultranet, edmodo, Goodreads, Google Doc)

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