“I have a dream….!”

sunset kapitiWell girls, you have blown me away with your speeches!  I loved listening to you presenting the well-crafted speeches you wrote based on your chosen themes from the texts we have studied this year.  “Dreams” was a popular choice and inevitably many of you chose Martin Luther King’s famous words in your speeches.  But determination, fear, family, relationships, identity, purpose, our place in the world were all things that you spoke about and you all found interesting ways to illustrate your ideas and found examples from real life that were relevant and applicable.

I know many of you were nervous about speaking in front of your peers but you overcame your fears and put into practice the determination you talked about to overcome those fears, and your identities certainly came through strongly.

I asked you to assess your peers as well.  This is not an easy thing to do but I am impressed with the perceptive comments you made and how honest and professional you were as you took on that role.  As well as assessing a classmate, I also asked you to assess your own performance and consider what you think you did well and what you feel you could focus on for improvement for the next time you make a speech.  Those assessments are reflective and mature.  I think, maybe, that some of you are harsher critics of yourselves and each other than I am!

Great work, girls!  Have a good rest over the holidays.

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