Welcome 9AJ!

DSC09702Welcome 9AJ of 2015! This is our bookclub – a place to share what we have been reading and to celebrate the work we are doing in class. My first challenge to you is to tell me what you have read over the summer holidays. Don’t worry if you are not a big reader and you haven’t read a huge novel. Think about anything you have read; maybe you have read a novel, maybe you read magazines, perhaps you conversed with your friends on Facebook, Snapchat or some other social media site, or do you play social computer games where there are instructions to read, are you a budding chef and needed to read recipes or a blogpost to know what to do, any of these things is reading. So let us know, and who knows, you may inspire someone to read something different.

23 thoughts on “Welcome 9AJ!”

  1. I read Facebook messages text messages and status’s so I could keep in touch with everyone and see what all my mates are upto over the holidays.

  2. A Gorgeous sense of hope.
    It is a good book and is a bout love. It is nice and short so if you don’t like reading this one is something you can read fast and is not long at all.
    It was a good book and is a great length if you don’t like reading.

  3. The magazine I read was: Show Circuit
    The thing I liked about it was all of the advice they give you
    I would recommend it to People who like horses
    It was a great magazine overall

    1. It is good to read about things you are passionate about, isn’t it? Have you read and novels about horses? I loved Black Beauty when I was a little girl.

  4. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince,
    I recently re-read this book, and again couldn’t put it down. I recommend this book to everyone and anyone. but be sure to read the other 5 books first! This book is a lot darker and a lot more adult themed then the others so if you want a bit of dark mystery then this is the book for you! by ‘you’ I mean everyone because if you die without reading the Harry Potter series then you haven’t lived.
    There is nothing I don’t like and everything I do like SO READ IT!

  5. The book i have read is percy jackson lightning theif
    What i liked about the book was all it exciting things that happen in it.
    The i recommend in from 11 onwards
    This is a very good good lots of people should read this book

  6. The book i read is called heist society bye ally carter
    its about misery and people spying on people
    it was a good book and i really liked it

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  7. The Suitcase Kid. I liked how we never knew what was going to happen , but it was also a bit sad because her parents split up and she was a her mums during the week and her dads during the weekend. I have read some of the other books in the series like, Sleepover and The bed and Breakfast Star. I recommend the book for people over 9 years of age. This book is written by Jacqueline Wilson and Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

  8. I am currently reading Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire By J.K.Rowling. (Genre-Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction) I am a huge fan of this series and these are the best series of books I have ever read. I recomend it to anyone who wants to get into reading more. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire is the 4th book in the world wide phenomenon, called the Harry Potter series. The series is about a boy who discovers he is a Wizard, but no ordinary wizard at all. He and his friends have to fight against good and evil to keep the wizarding world from distruction. READ THIS BOOK NOW!

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