#28daysofwriting Day 1

Hi girls.  I have just signed up to the challenge to write on my blog every day for 28 minutes for 28 days.  #28daysofwriting.  I wondered whether we might do something similar. It doesn’t matter what you write about.  You could talk about how your day has been, tell a story, describe a family member who inspires you, a new friend you have made at Dio, your first impressions of Dio a film you have seen or your favourite place.  What matters is that you write for 10 minutes every day for 10 days.  There, that’s not quite as daunting as 28 days is it?

So who is up for the challenge?  If you are, create a Google Doc and call it #10daysofwriting and then each day open up that doc and write.  Make sure you date each entry.  If you want to add pictures you can. Share the document with me and anyone else you want to share with.