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Book recommendations

a selection of books

One of the activities for your Wider Reading challenges is to read a book that someone else has recommended to you and then briefly comment on it.  Please comment on this post to say;

  • What you have read
  • Who recommended it
  • Whether your enjoyed it
  • Why / Why not?

Why should we read something that somebody else recommends?  I know that I often get stuck in a rut of genres.  I love crime and thrillers and could read them endlessly.  Often I go for them in the library or the bookstore because I am comfortable with the names of the authors and the predictability of the story-lines.  They are easy reading.  I sometimes don’t have the energy or the time to browse through and read the blurbs of all the other books.  And books are so expensive, I am reluctant to buy a book written by an unknown author, of a different genre in case it turns out that I don’t like it and I have wasted my money!  However, having a book recommended by someone makes choices easier and makes me more willing to take a risk.  Sharing and borrowing books makes sense.  Maybe this week we could build our own library in the classroom of books that we have already read and don’t want cluttering up our space any more? Or, if you don’t want to give a precious book away,  you can lend a book to a friend knowing that they will return it once they have read it.

I challenge you this week to bring a book to school that you think someone else will enjoy, tell them about it and lend it to them.  I also challenge you to read outside your comfort zone …


I am Not Esther

Image“Who was I now? Who I used to be was disappearing and there were only bits of me left that sometimes I caught sight of in puddles or dark windows.”

By now you should all have read “I am not Esther”.  Please write a comment below in which you write your review of the book. Consider the following:

  • What is your personal opinion of the book?  
  • Did you like it or not?  Why?  
  • Briefly describe Esther’s character.  
  • Who is your favourite character in the book?  Why?
  • Who do you like least?  Why? 


What have you read this term?

Quotation in Spanish from Francois Sagan which says " My only regret is that I will never have the time to read all the books that I want to"
“My only regret is that I will never have time to read all the books that I want to”

Some of you have asked where you can share the books you have read so far.  I would love to hear what you have been reading so please post a comment below to let us all know. Write a brief review and include the title and the author.

You also need to log the book on your Wide Reading log sheets.  You can download these and print them out from our Edmodo page, or if you prefer to fill them in online, make a copy of the document and add it to your Drive and share it with me. 

What do you like reading?

Dr Zeus' quote - the more you read the nmore that you will know, the more you learn the more places you'll goHi girls!

I have a couple of ideas of books we could read this term and you will be able to vote on which you prefer.  I would also welcome your suggestions of books to read for later in the year.  We have to think of something that most of us will find interesting.  It is probably impossible to find something that EVERYONE will like.  And the book needs to have some good themes that we will be able to discuss.  So get your thinking caps on.

However, first up, I would like to you to write a comment below to let me know what sort of books you like.  What have you read over the summer holidays?  Where do you like to read?  How much do you like reading?