Reading can be fun – find your passion!

Quote-Haruki-Murakami-If-you-only-read-the-books-that-everyone-else-is-readingThis term we are going to focus on reading but I know that some of you are unsure about reading.  I love reading so I find it difficult to understand that people don’t like reading so you may just have to help me!  However, I have a son who hated reading….. until he found a book and a genre that he was passionate about and now he loves reading. I would love to help you find your passion.

So I have a couple of questions I would like you to answer to start us off. Use the comments space below to post your responses.

  • Why do people read?
  • Where do you like reading?
  • If you don’t read, what might encourage you to read and where might you read?

33 thoughts on “Reading can be fun – find your passion!”

  1. Why do people read? Some people read to escape reality and to enjoy something beyond our own world. Where do you like reading? I can read anywhere as long as I have a good book, but preferably in my own space where it is quiet and comfortable.If you don’t read, what might encourage you to read and where might you read? I would start reading in a quiet place and in my own space like my bed room. I would explore lots of genres untill I find a theme that gets my attention and really gets me thinking, and not give up on a book until I am 100% sure it is absolutly horrible.

  2. Where do people read they read anywhere outside, inside where ever where I like reading under a tree or in the garden. If I didn’t read how would I be encouraged to read? I would start in a quiet place and I would find a type of book I really like like myserty (example) and try to read it and if I don’t like it before I get half way then I can stop reading it.

    1. You are right that it isn’t always worthwhile finishing a book that you don’t like but I am glad that you give it a good go. Sometimes books just take a bit of time to get going, don’t they?

  3. why do people read!!!! people read because there get into the book there fell free from what around them.if i read all the time i would like to read were i can snuggle with my blanket and just fell warm

  4. Why do people read? I like reading because i go into my on world and stop thinking about the world around me. the book i have read tins term is percy jackson sea of montera and dunger. I like the book percy jackson because it a easy read and it has adventure in it. Dungers well i have not really read it that much but it seems funny.

  5. People read because it might calm them down,Make them happy and relaxed also they might want some quiet time. Where do you read? well i like to read in bed or on the couch because it is comfortable and it is quite. When i didn’t read mum said if i read a book she would give me something so that made me read every day and night until the book was finished.

    1. Yes, we sometimes need a bit of a push to do something, don’t we. I am glad that you persevered and finished a book. Have your read many more since without the bribe?!

  6. Why do people read?
    I Think people read for lots of reasons they might find a book and find it relates to the in some way. They might enjoy different kinds of mysteries and adventures that catch them into reading more.
    Where do you like reading?
    I really enjoy reading with people around me I don’t know why I just feel better I enjoy reading in class a
    If you don’t read, what might encourage you to read and where might you read?
    Books that catch my eye and books that relate to me or things that I can just make me want to sit and relax

    1. A thoughtful comment, Sarah. I like that you mentioned that a story might relate to someone in some way. I think that is very true. When we can identify with a character we are much more engaged.

  7. Why do people read? I think people read because it takes them into a whole new world, escaping from reality and just going on a holiday leaving all the stress and worry behind them.
    Where do i like to read? Well i like to read outside on a hot day under a tree sitting on a comfy beanbag or in my bed where its warm.

  8. Why do people read? Because for some people it envelopes them into another world and they enjoy the time that they can be separated from there lives. Where to you like reading? anywhere quite without distractions I enjoy reading on the couch in our library at home. If you don’t like to read, what might encourage you to read and where might you read? I would start by reading books that my friends find interesting and once I find a genre I like and would read other books with the same genre then slowly expand the genre. I would read in a quite place so you don’t get distracted.

    1. I like quiet space to read too although if I really get into a book I can shut all other distractions out. Escaping from reality is fun too.

  9. why do people read ? – I think that people read to escape their world if ur book is really interested them maybe then the world in ur book might be more interesting.

    Where do people like to read ? -I personally like to read in bed or in a quite place or on the couch i will read books with music but i find it hard to read when people are talking.

    If you don’t read what might encourage you to read ? – well i love to read but i will only read a cur-ten series i have tried to read other books or series but have not found one as interesting as the books that i read now.

    1. Often getting hooked into a series is good because it gets us reading and we feel comfortable with the characters. It is good to break out too – a series wont go on forever!

  10. People read because they find it enjoyable and stimulating, they like to be taken out of their everyday life. I like reading in my room or in the lounge or really any quiet place and where i feel comfortable. my favorite genre to read is fantasy fiction.

  11. I think that people read because it is a way to escape from their problems and it also makes you get a imaginative. If I’m reading I would most likely be reading on my bed in my room. If I was to read more often the thing that would make me read is a rainy day when there is nothing to do and the rest of my family is busy

  12. people like reading because it informs them and takes them places they have never been with their imagination. I like to read in bed at night or somewhere quiet where I can concentrate.
    I don’t like reading but when people request book for me.

    1. I think we have to be able to choose what we read but sometimes when we are asked to read something we don’t normally read, we find a whole new genre that we like. So always worth trying a recommendation.

  13. People read to get more knowledge on what happened back in history learn about farms and just to get a bit of excitement into the world. I like reading in a quiet place like in my room or in the library but sometimes it is nice to have someone in the same room to talk about the book. i would be interesting in reading if i got a treat like money after i have finished every book.

    1. I agree that having someone to share your experiences about a book is very worthwhile. I am not convinced that reading because you will get a reward is a good idea unless it opens up your passion to continue reading for the sheer enjoyment of it!

  14. Why do people read?? I think people read to calm them selves down, and relaxed. People can read anywhere they want, I like to read in a quiet place like in my room or on the couch.

  15. I am currently reading Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire By J.K.Rowling. (Genre-Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction) I am a huge fan of this series and these are the best series of books I have ever read. I recomend it to anyone who wants to get into reading more. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire is the 4th book in the world wide phenomenon, called the Harry Potter series. The series is about a boy who discovers he is a Wizard, but no ordinary wizard at all. He and his friends have to fight against good and evil to keep the wizarding world from distruction. READ THIS BOOK NOW!

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